Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Jonathan Gannon Evaluates Team's Needs Ahead of Free Agency

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Jonathan Gannon Evaluates Team's Needs Ahead of Free Agency

Coming off a challenging first season as head coach, Jonathan Gannon expressed disappointment with the team's performance, emphasizing the need for improvement moving forward. As the league gears up for free agency and the draft, the Cardinals will be focusing on building a playoff-caliber team.

The upcoming free agency period, which kicks off on March 13th, will play a critical role in shaping the team's roster for the 2024 season. Position breakdowns are underway, with a spotlight on the offensive line, a key factor in the Cardinals' success running the ball last season.

With notable free agents on the horizon, including Elijah Wilkinson and Trystan Colon, the Cardinals face decisions on how to solidify their offensive line. The injury to left tackle D.J. Humphries adds another layer of complexity to the situation, raising questions about lineup adjustments and potential acquisitions.

Looking back at past free agent signings, the Cardinals have a history of bringing in talent to bolster their offensive line. As the team navigates the upcoming free agency market, they will be evaluating options to address their needs and enhance their roster.

Highlighted offensive linemen scheduled to become free agents across the league offer potential targets for the Cardinals as they seek to strengthen their team. With a focus on building a competitive lineup, the Cardinals will be exploring all avenues to improve their performance in the upcoming season.

As the offseason progresses, all eyes will be on the Cardinals as they strive to make impactful moves that will propel them towards their goal of playoff contention. Stay tuned for more updates as the team prepares to make significant strides in the new season.

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