Deion Sanders Shoots Down NFL Coaching Rumors

Deion Sanders Shoots Down NFL Coaching Rumors

Mike McCarthy to Remain Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

Mike McCarthy will continue as the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys for at least one more year. However, when the time comes to find a replacement, don't expect Deion Sanders to step up.

No Interest in NFL Coaching

Deion Sanders, a Hall of Fame cornerback who once played for the Cowboys, has made it clear that he has no interest in becoming an NFL head coach. He emphasized this during a podcast interview with former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The Challenges of Coaching Pros

In the interview, Sanders expressed his concerns about coaching at the professional level. He mentioned the difficulties of dealing with players who may not be motivated to perform and practice. He believes that college football offers more opportunities for coaching and molding young talents.

Sanders' Consistent Stance

Sanders' comments align with his previous statements on the subject. Despite constant speculation, he has consistently expressed his lack of interest in coaching in the NFL, both publicly and privately.

The Cowboys' Playoff Struggles

Sanders also offered his perspective on the Dallas Cowboys' repeated postseason shortcomings. The team has not reached the conference title game in 28 years, marking the second-longest drought in the NFC. Sanders believes that the team is not living up to the expectation of big-time players making big-time plays in big-time games.

Sanders' Reinforcements for Colorado Buffaloes

On a positive note, Sanders has been actively bringing in new players for the Colorado Buffaloes' 2024 season via the transfer portal. He particularly focused on strengthening the offensive line to support his son, quarterback Sheduer Sanders. The team is preparing for its transition back to the Big 12 conference next season.

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