Exciting New Era at Notre Dame: Pete Bevacqua Takes Over as Athletic Director

Exciting New Era at Notre Dame: Pete Bevacqua Takes Over as Athletic Director

Transitioning into a new era at the University of Notre Dame, Pete Bevacqua officially took over as athletic director, succeeding Jack Swarbrick. The women's basketball team's game against Ole Miss in the NCAA Tournament served as a fitting tribute to Swarbrick's successful tenure and the groundwork Bevacqua has inherited.

While the future of Notre Dame's athletic programs remains unknown, the overall outlook appears promising. As Bevacqua assumes his role, he is deserving of support as he navigates this new chapter. We eagerly anticipate seeing the programs flourish under his leadership.

The Fighting Irish community looks forward to witnessing the evolution and growth under Bevacqua's direction. The university's athletic legacy is poised for a transformative period, and Bevacqua's stewardship will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Notre Dame athletics.

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As the Fighting Irish embark on this new journey under Bevacqua's leadership, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. We stand united in support of the athletic programs and look forward to the successes that lie ahead.

The transition to a new athletic director signifies a period of growth and renewal for Notre Dame. With Bevacqua at the helm, the Fighting Irish community remains optimistic and excited for the future of the university's sports programs.

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