Florida State's Offensive and Defensive Ratings Revealed for EA Sports College Football 25

Florida State's Offensive and Defensive Ratings Revealed for EA Sports College Football 25

As the release date of July 19th approaches for EA Sports College Football 25, the country's top offenses and defenses have been revealed. The offensive and defensive ratings for College Football 25 were disclosed on Thursday by EA Sports.

Doak Campbell Stadium was ranked at 9th for best atmospheres in college football, but the Seminoles were undervalued for their on-field abilities. Offensively, the Seminoles were ranked 22nd with an 83 rating, while defensively, they were ranked 11th with an 88 rating.

Florida State faces several teams with higher-ranked offenses and defenses, indicating a tough schedule for the upcoming season. Despite the passing game concerns, the Seminoles deserve a higher rating due to their experienced offensive line.

Roydell Williams and Lawrance Toafili are expected to be key players, showcasing the Seminole offense's potential. The Seminoles are rated 85 overall, placing them 17th in the country.

On the defensive side, Florida State's defense is rated 88 and ranked 11th, higher than their offense. With a strong front four and experienced linebackers like DJ Lundy and Cam Riley, as well as a solid secondary, the Seminoles boast a formidable defense.

The depth and talent of the Seminoles' defense make them deserving of a top-ten ranking. My rating for their defense is 90 overall, putting them on par with top teams like Clemson, Alabama, Michigan, and Notre Dame.

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