Former Pitt Panthers WR Bub Means Primed for Rookie Success with New Orleans Saints

Former Pitt Panthers WR Bub Means Primed for Rookie Success with New Orleans Saints

In the recent NFL Draft, former Pitt Panthers wide receiver Bub Means was chosen by the New Orleans Saints in the Fifth Round. Despite his collegiate stats, one writer sees great potential for him as a rookie with the Saints.

Means, who started off as a defensive back at Tennessee before transitioning to wide receiver at Louisiana Tech and then Pitt, has caught the attention of analysts due to his athleticism and skills on the field.

Greg Cossell, an analyst at NFL Matchup, highlighted Means' size, hands, and versatility as factors that make him stand out as an NFL wide receiver. Means' performance at the NFL Combine further showcased his talents, impressing scouts with his speed and agility.

While his numbers at Pitt may not have been eye-popping, Means excelled despite challenging circumstances, including subpar quarterback play. His selection by the Saints marks a significant achievement, as he becomes the first Pitt wide receiver drafted since Tyler Boyd in 2016.

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Overall, Means' journey from defensive back to wide receiver and his perseverance despite challenges have positioned him for success in the NFL. Watch out for this talented rookie as he joins the New Orleans Saints and continues to make a name for himself in the league.

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