Gavin Wimsatt: The Hype vs. Reality at Rutgers

Gavin Wimsatt: The Hype vs. Reality at Rutgers

Excitement can only take a quarterback so far. Do you remember the anticipation surrounding Gavin Wimsatt's arrival at Rutgers? With his promising talent and strong arm, the four-star recruit from Kentucky created quite a stir when he joined the Scarlet Knights in September 2021. However, as time passed, it became clear that the buzz around Wimsatt surpassed his actual on-field performance.

Greg Schiano must have relished the recruiting hype that surrounded Wimsatt at the beginning of his return to Piscataway. Looking back now, it's evident that while the excitement was monumental, the results on the field did not quite meet the lofty expectations set for the young quarterback.

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