Imagining a College Football Super League for the 2023 Season

Imagining a College Football Super League for the 2023 Season

A college football "Super League" may not be as far-fetched as once thought. Using the basic outline discussed by a 20-member group proposing to revamp college football's top level, we imagined how such a setup would have played out in the 2023 season.

We organized former Power 5 schools, independent Notre Dame, and soon-to-be ACC member SMU into seven 10-team divisions. The eighth 10-team division would be subject to promotion and relegation, featuring 2022 Group of 5 conference championship game participants.

Teams' 2023 regular season records were used to seed them for the proposed 16-team playoff. The division winners took the top eight seeds, and the wild cards filled out the remaining spots based on rankings.

Notable inclusions and exclusions reshaped conferences and reinstated old rivalries, bringing back former members and adding new ones to various divisions.

The hypothetical setup presented exciting matchups, with top seeds facing wild card teams in an expanded playoff format. Teams like Georgia, Michigan, and Texas emerged as frontrunners in this alternate reality.

Ultimately, the exercise showcased a revamped college football landscape that was both intriguing and filled with competitive matchups, culminating in a new champion.

While this may be purely speculative, the concept of a college football Super League opens up possibilities for an exciting and innovative future for the sport.

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