Is Utah Leaving the Big 12 for the ACC?

Is Utah Leaving the Big 12 for the ACC?

Could Utah be considering another conference move? Dick Weiss, a renowned sports writer, recently reported that Utah might be leaving the Big 12 for the ACC. This potential move could initiate further conference expansion discussions.

Last summer, Utah was approved to join the Big 12, but now rumors suggest they could be eyeing a switch to the ACC. While the Big 12 has strong partnerships with Fox and ESPN, the allure of the ACC's ESPN network deal could be a driving factor behind Utah's potential move.

With the Big 12 securing a lucrative media rights deal, surpassing the ACC in financial resources, the decision for Utah to leave for a different conference seems puzzling. However, in the realm of conference realignment, financial gain and the survival of conferences play pivotal roles.

Conference realignment often defies logic, making unexpected moves like Utah's rumored shift to the ACC not entirely surprising. As speculation swirls around college sports conferences, the possibility of Utah joining the ACC adds another layer to the ongoing narrative.

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