Meet Olivier Rioux: The New 7-Foot-9 Wonder of College Basketball

Meet Olivier Rioux: The New 7-Foot-9 Wonder of College Basketball

Zach Edey has left the college basketball scene, but a new towering figure from Canada is ready to make his mark as one of the tallest players in the sport.

Olivier Rioux of Florida is about to become not only the tallest player in college basketball this season but potentially the tallest college basketball player ever, listed at a staggering 7-foot-9.

Rioux's height listing of 7-9 comes as a bit of a surprise since he was previously unofficially listed at 7-6. However, he himself lists his height at 7-7 on his own Instagram account.

The 7-9 listing for Rioux also surpasses his previous record as the world's tallest teenager, as he was initially recognized by Guinness World Records at slightly over 7-5.

Back in 2018, Rioux briefly became an internet sensation as a highlight video of the then 12-year-old showcased his dominance on the basketball court.

Rioux's basketball talent caught the attention of fellow Canadian NBA star Jamal Murray, who Rioux congratulated in 2023 for winning the NBA Championship with the Denver Nuggets.

Standing at 7-9, Rioux is on a path to pursue his dream of playing basketball professionally, having played the sport since the age of 5.

This fall, Rioux will begin his college basketball journey after spending three seasons at IMG Academy, a top basketball prep school. While high school stats aren't publicly available, he was recognized as a three-star recruit by 247 sports.

Rioux has also represented Canada in international youth tournaments, most recently averaging 4.5 points and 4.5 rebounds per game for Canada's national team at the FIBA U18 AmeriCup.

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