SEC Proposes Changes to Early Signing Period in College Athletics

SEC Proposes Changes to Early Signing Period in College Athletics

The SEC is proposing significant changes to the early signing period in college athletics, with plans to turn the entire month of December into a recruiting dead period and shifting the early national signing day two weeks closer to the start of the month, as revealed by league commissioner Greg Sankey in an interview with Yahoo Sports.

Sankey emphasized the need for this change, stating that having signing day in the middle of December alongside playoff games is no longer feasible. He suggests moving it to early December, specifically the Wednesday before championship games.

December is typically a chaotic time for college coaches, with the transfer portal opening on Dec. 4 followed by the early signing period on Dec. 20. Coaches are juggling multiple responsibilities such as roster management, evaluating potential transfers, finalizing high school recruits, and navigating coaching changes.

The 2024 season ushers in an expanded 12-team playoff format, with first-round games scheduled for the weekend of Dec. 20, coinciding with the current early signing period. This overlap creates a demanding schedule that is taking a toll on coaches.

Louisiana Tech coach Sonny Cumbie shared insights on the relentless nature of December activities, highlighting the non-stop evaluation of portal prospects, communication with recruits, and bowl game preparations that leave little room for downtime.

With no respite in sight, the coaching grind during December has become increasingly challenging, prompting discussions for restructuring the early signing period to alleviate the burden on coaches.

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