Steelers Legends' Sons Commit to Notre Dame: A Legacy Continues

Steelers Legends' Sons Commit to Notre Dame: A Legacy Continues

A picture worth a thousand commitments.

Former Steelers legends Ike Taylor, Jerome Bettis, and Plaxico Burress share a moment of pride as their sons commit to Notre Dame.

The trio of young athletes, Elijah, Ivan, and Jerome Jr., all carry the torch for the Fighting Irish.

Ivan Taylor, a standout safety from Florida, leads the pack as the highest-rated prospect among them.

Joining him is Elijah Burress, following in his father's footsteps as a safety, hailing from New Jersey.

Jerome Bettis Jr., a promising receiver from Atlanta, stands tall at 6-foot-2, taller than his famous father.

The Steelers legacy at Notre Dame continues with Ryan Clark's son Jordan joining the roster this season.

Although they won't play together, the Steelers dynasty lives on at Notre Dame.

Bettis, Burress, and Taylor forged memories in Pittsburgh and brought home a Super Bowl victory.

Bettis's rushing yards immortalize him in NFL history, while Taylor's prowess as a cornerback has left a lasting legacy.

Burress's contributions on the field reflect in his receiving yards and touchdowns, both with the Steelers and the Giants.

The Fighting Irish's recruiting class stands strong, bolstered by the NFL genes of these three legends.

Notre Dame continues its winning streak, aiming for another successful season with key additions to the team.

As the Fighting Irish gear up for the season opener, the legacy of the Steelers shines bright on the college gridiron.

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