Texas Longhorns Kicker Bert Auburn Surprised with Scholarship in Emotional Team Meeting

Texas Longhorns Kicker Bert Auburn Surprised with Scholarship in Emotional Team Meeting

Experience the thrill of victory as Texas Longhorns senior kicker Bert Auburn receives a scholarship in a heartwarming team meeting with head coach Steve Sarkisian. As the team celebrated walk-ons, Auburn was surprised with this well-deserved reward, sparking cheers and camaraderie among his teammates. His message of gratitude and excitement for the future echoed the strong bond they share as a family.

Having displayed exceptional talent on the field, Auburn's impressive record of field goals and All Big 12 First Team honors speak to his dedication and skill. As a business major, he continues to excel in both academics and athletics, leaving a lasting legacy in Texas football history with his remarkable achievements.

With 50 field goals under his belt, Auburn's name is etched in Longhorn history, following closely behind legendary players like Cameron Dicker and Dusty Mangum. His contributions to the team's success are undeniable, setting a standard of excellence that inspires his fellow players and fans alike.

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As we honor the achievements of players like Bert Auburn, we continue to witness the power of dedication, teamwork, and passion that define the spirit of Texas Longhorns football. Let's come together as a community to support our team and celebrate the successes, both on and off the field.

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