The Future of SDSU and NDSU in College Football: FBS Expansion Ahead?

The Future of SDSU and NDSU in College Football: FBS Expansion Ahead?

The recent announcement of Missouri State making the jump from FCS to FBS has sparked discussions and reactions within the college football community. With Missouri State becoming the first team from the Missouri Valley Football Conference to move up, questions arise about the future of other programs.

There's no doubt that North Dakota State, with its impressive football dynasty, has the potential to succeed in the FBS. Fans and media in Fargo have voiced their desire for NDSU to take the plunge and move up, especially in light of Missouri State's transition.

However, geography plays a significant role in determining which teams can make the move to the FBS level. The Fargodome's proximity to potential FBS conferences presents a challenge for NDSU, similar to South Dakota State.

Speaking of South Dakota State, the Jackrabbits have steadily risen to an elite level within the FCS. With consecutive national championships, a growing fan base, and successful athletic programs across the board, SDSU is in a strong position.

Despite speculation about potential realignment and changes in college football, SDSU remains focused on its own growth and success. Athletic Director Justin Sell emphasizes the importance of building a strong program that will attract interest from conferences.

While the FCS level has seen some top programs move up to the FBS, schools like SDSU and NDSU continue to excel and maintain their competitiveness. The Dakotas and Montana boast a formidable group of contenders with meaningful rivalries and regional interest.

As college football evolves and potential splits occur, SDSU and NDSU will continue to position themselves for success. When the time is right, both programs will find their place in the ever-changing landscape of college athletics.

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