The Real Reason Clemson Tigers Are Still Contenders - What You Need to Know

The Real Reason Clemson Tigers Are Still Contenders - What You Need to Know

The Clemson Tigers have faced some setbacks recently, missing out on the College Football Playoff for the third consecutive season. Head coach Dabo Swinney has received criticism for not utilizing the transfer portal, which some believe is a factor in the team's regression. However, On3’s Steve Wiltfong believes that this criticism may be overstated.

Wiltfong pointed out that Clemson is recruiting at a high level for the upcoming season but has not maintained the same level of quarterback play or difference-makers on the team since their championship runs. The coaching staff turnover has also been a factor in their recent performance.

While other programs heavily use the transfer portal to add depth and talent, Clemson has not been as active in this area. Wiltfong suggests that adding players through the portal who fit the team culture could be beneficial for the Tigers, considering their strong foundation led by Swinney.

Despite concerns about depth and competition, Clemson's success in high school recruiting, combined with selective portal use and their strong culture, could position them for a return to the national championship race in the near future.

While the Tigers may be criticized for not making recent playoff appearances, they remain competitive for conference titles annually, giving them a shot at a playoff spot and a chance to compete for a national championship.

Overall, Wiltfong commends Clemson for protecting their culture and remaining resilient even during challenging times, showcasing their potential to bounce back and contend at the highest level of college football.

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