Top 10 Quarterbacks to Watch in College Football for the 2024 Season

Top 10 Quarterbacks to Watch in College Football for the 2024 Season

As we gear up for the 2024 college football season, the focus is on leadership, particularly at the quarterback position. Analysts are looking for the signal-callers who can lead their teams to the College Football Playoff.

Greg McElroy recently shared his insights on the top 10 quarterbacks in the nation for 2024. Let's delve into his rankings and see who made the cut.

Starting with Beck, the Georgia quarterback had a stellar 2023 season, showcasing his ability to lead the Bulldogs to success. With nearly 4,000 passing yards and 24 touchdowns, Beck is poised to keep Georgia's offense firing on all cylinders.

Ewers, the Texas quarterback, also had a strong 2023 campaign, earning a spot in the College Football Playoff. His production, both through the air and on the ground, sets the stage for another impactful season.

McElroy is high on Sanders from Colorado, despite some challenges he faced in 2023. With improvements in the offensive line, Sanders has the potential to elevate his game and lead his team to greater success.

Gabriel, the transfer from Oklahoma to Oregon, brings his dual-threat capabilities to the Ducks, aiming to continue his productive output from his time with the Sooners.

Milroe had a rollercoaster 2023 season with Alabama but demonstrated his versatility and playmaking ability as a dual-threat quarterback, contributing both passing and rushing touchdowns.

Rising, recovering from an injury in 2022, is expected to make a strong comeback for Utah this season, relying on his toughness and ability to make plays with his arm and legs.

Ward, the transfer to Miami, offers veteran leadership and dual-threat skills that can stabilize the Hurricanes' offense and lead them to success in the upcoming season.

Fifita, the Arizona quarterback, finished the 2023 season on a high note, showcasing his accuracy and decision-making as a dangerous passer for the Wildcats.

Dart from Ole Miss has proven himself as a capable quarterback with the ability to make smart decisions, both through the air and on the ground, making him a key player for the Rebels' playoff aspirations.

Finally, Daniels' success hinges on his ability to stay healthy, as injuries have hindered his performance. When healthy, Daniels has shown his dual-threat prowess, making him a formidable quarterback in college football.

These 10 quarterbacks represent some of the best in the nation according to Greg McElroy's rankings. As we anticipate the 2024 season, time will tell if these quarterbacks live up to the expectations set for them. It's another exciting glimpse into the talent and potential of college football's finest as we approach the kickoff of a new season.

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