Tragic Shooting in Sarasota Leaves One Dead and Four Injured

Tragic Shooting in Sarasota Leaves One Dead and Four Injured

Reports from Sarasota, Florida indicate a tragic incident that left one person dead and four others hospitalized after a shooting in the early hours of Saturday morning. Authorities are investigating the shooting that took place at the Tallywood Centre Plaza on 17th Street.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement found a large crowd and multiple victims of the shooting in the parking lot. One victim, identified as 24-year-old Tommie L. Battie IV, was pronounced dead on-site.

Four additional victims were rushed to local hospitals in both Manatee and Sarasota counties for treatment. Battie, a former Braden River High School football player, had been with friends at a nearby hookah lounge prior to the tragic event.

The incident led to the closure of an eastbound lane on 17th Street as investigators gathered evidence at the scene. More than 80 evidence markers were scattered around the parking lot, indicating the scale of the shooting.

A vacuum shop's storefront window in the plaza was shattered during the chaos, adding to the scene of devastation. Authorities believe the shooting was an isolated incident and have emphasized that the investigation is ongoing.

As of Saturday night, the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office had not confirmed any arrests or disclosed the number of suspects involved in the shooting. Individuals with relevant information are urged to contact the Criminal Investigations Section or Sarasota Crimestoppers.

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