UConn the Clear Favorite to Win NCAA Tournament, but Upsets Always Loom

UConn the Clear Favorite to Win NCAA Tournament, but Upsets Always Loom

The excitement of the NCAA tournament lies in its unpredictability and wide-open nature. No team, no matter how great, is immune to upsets, as proven by Kentucky's fall in 2015. Despite this, UConn is the clear favorite to win it all this year.

In Yahoo Sports' Bracket Madness, over a third of brackets have UConn as the champion, a staggering 34.57% consensus. Similarly, most bettors at BetMGM are placing their faith in UConn as well.

UConn dominates the NCAA tournament future market, with 10.8% of all bets and 18.3% of all money backing the Huskies. However, history shows that being the No. 1 seed doesn't guarantee a championship.

Since 2004, the top overall seed has only won three times, with UConn looking poised to add to that list. Nevertheless, the tournament is known for its surprises and unexpected outcomes.

While UConn stands as a strong favorite, BetMGM's biggest liability in the NCAA champion market is actually Kentucky, due to their long odds and potential as a high-scoring team with defensive weaknesses.

As the NCAA tournament unfolds, sportsbooks will be hoping for unexpected outcomes while fans and bettors cheer for their favored teams like UConn. The unpredictability and drama of March Madness is what makes it such a thrilling and popular event every year.

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