Ultimate Game Day Experience: $2 Beers, Cajun Cheers, & Memorable Moments!

Ultimate Game Day Experience: $2 Beers, Cajun Cheers, & Memorable Moments!

Experience a unique Louisiana game day with the Cajuns making plays, Cajun Nation cheering on the team, and affordable beer that won't break the bank.

The recent Twitter banter between Tulane Green Wave and Ragin’ Cajuns over the cheapest beer in college football sparked a national buzz, with even BYU joining in with their coldest chocolate milk claim.

The playful tweets caught the attention of ESPN's Pete Thamel, leading to a feature on the Pat McAfee show, where the Ragin’ Cajuns' $2 natural light promotion stole the spotlight.

UL Lafayette student Lucas Favaloro expressed pride in the region's party spirit showcased through these trending posts, highlighting the fun-loving nature of south Louisiana.

UL Athletics appreciated the national recognition, citing the positive response to the $2 Natural Light promotion and hinting at other schools possibly following suit by lowering beer prices.

Embrace the summer spirit with affordable concessions at game day, enhancing the overall fan experience and showcasing UL Lafayette's creative team's ability to capture attention in the digital space.

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Join us in celebrating the Cajun spirit, where high-flying plays meet affordable drinks, creating an unforgettable game day experience. Subscribe now to stay updated on all things CFB news, stats, and analysis!

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