USC Makes History with Eighth Heisman Trophy Winner

USC Makes History with Eighth Heisman Trophy Winner

The recent decision by the Heisman Trust to return Reggie Bush's 2005 trophy has elevated USC to the first program with eight Heisman Trophy winners. Bush, originally USC's seventh Heisman winner, had forfeited his trophy due to NCAA investigations. Caleb Williams, the 2022 Heisman Trophy winner, became the eighth Heisman recipient for USC.

USC's Heisman legacy includes legendary figures like Garrett, Allen, and Griffin, each leaving an indelible mark on college football. Garrett's contributions extended beyond the field, helping build USC's football powerhouse under coach John McKay. Allen emerged as a Los Angeles icon, excelling in the NFL and capturing Super Bowl glory.

Griffin remains a unique figure, being the only player to win the Heisman Trophy multiple times. His remarkable rushing yards and consecutive Rose Bowl appearances set him apart in the annals of college football history.

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame boast a diverse array of Heisman winners, with two Hall of Famers in their ranks - Hornung and Brown. Hornung's success with the Green Bay Packers and Brown's stellar career with the Los Angeles Raiders underscore Notre Dame's legacy.

Oklahoma's dominance in producing Heisman-winning quarterbacks reflects the program's commitment to innovation. Coaches like Bob Stoops and Lincoln Riley have cultivated a culture of success, culminating in quarterbacks like Mayfield and Murray achieving NFL stardom.

Alabama's transformation under Nick Saban saw the program produce four Heisman Trophy winners, a testament to Saban's coaching prowess. Players like Ingram, Henry, Smith, and Young have solidified Alabama's status as a football powerhouse.

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