Will Howard's Journey: Competing for Starting QB at Ohio State

Will Howard's Journey: Competing for Starting QB at Ohio State

Coach Norris is closely following the developments in Ohio State's quarterback competition this spring. With the starting job up for grabs, transfer quarterback Will Howard is facing tough competition from Devin Brown and Lincoln Kienholz. Despite the challenges, Howard is determined to show his worth and secure the starting position for the Buckeyes.

Howard's experience at Kansas State has prepared him well for the competition at Ohio State. With over 34 games under his belt and impressive stats, Howard is confident in his abilities to lead the team to victory. His dedication and commitment to the team's success are evident as he embraces the learning curve and challenges that come with a new team and coaching staff.

The recent change in offensive coordinators at Ohio State has not deterred Howard. He sees it as an opportunity to learn from different coaching styles and enhance his game. The arrival of Chip Kelly as the offensive coordinator has brought a new level of excitement to the team, and Howard is eager to absorb as much knowledge as possible to excel on the field.

Howard's positive attitude and eagerness to learn have already made an impression on Coach Kelly and his teammates. His maturity, focus, and quick adaptation to the team dynamics have earned him respect and admiration from the players and coaching staff. As he continues to bond with his teammates and demonstrate his leadership qualities, Howard is poised to make a significant impact on the Buckeyes.

With a talented group of receivers and a supportive team environment, Howard is optimistic about the upcoming season. He recognizes the potential for success at Ohio State and is determined to make the most of his final collegiate year. As he navigates the challenges of spring practice and builds relationships within the team, Howard's commitment to excellence shines through, setting the stage for a memorable season ahead.

Join Coach Norris in following Will Howard's journey at Ohio State as he competes for the starting quarterback role and aims to lead the Buckeyes to victory. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as the football season approaches.

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